Organisations with large numbers of customers and many different products, have difficulty knowing which products each customer has. This has been compounded by history, with different computer systems, takeovers and strong product (or account) based cultures.

Over the years enormous amounts of effort and money has been expended designing and implementing new ways of consolidating customer information. Virtually all these initiatives have required massive changes to existing computer systems and the relatively unsuccessful introduction of a new customer numbering system. IDentity Software has solved these problems with a unique solution, IDStar.

IDStar, from IDentity Software, is a tool that enables organizations to become more customer focused. It builds and maintains a real-time repository, indexed on customer name and address, which matches customer records from many disparate systems.

IDStar has a unique, patented process that uses the existing customer data, from each legacy system, with all the differing formats, duplicates and ambiguities. It creates and maintains its own repository, using the various customer name and address fields. It automatically identifies same customer records across all the product files. It can then maintain the quality of the customer data in the legacy databases in real-time, thus saving on batch scrub and match processes. In addition, it can also populate an existing Customer Information System (CIS) or CRM, with a full set of de-duplicated data. It does not require the organization to change existing systems or introduce a new customer number.

Once installed, IDStar enables a single customer view across all the existing product systems. It allows the organization to begin the process of re-engineering the business to become customer focussed. This is achieved quickly and at relatively little cost. IDStar is the most cost-effective way to enable a single customer view for any organization.

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