IDStar, from IDentity Software, is a tool that enables organizations to become more customer focussed. It builds and maintains a real-time repository, indexed on customer name and address, which matches customer records from many disparate systems. IDentity Software was granted a US Patent (pending in Japan, Australia, China, Europe, Canada) for the IDStar core technology which covers the method of indexing ambiguous, free format information.

IDStar is a software solution which creates for each unique customer, one real time view of the customerís entire relationship with the organisation:

  • Across all chosen Products and Services
  • Updated as identifiers change
  • Without any changes to the existing application and databases
  • Without requiring a unique customer number

IDStar provides the best opportunity to bring forward the deployment of the Single Customer View by years and as a result greatly improving company profitability.


What is IDStar?

  • IDStar is a middleware software solution for customer identifier management
  • Allows the corporation to easily build a single view of each customer into existing & future applications
  • Provides a non-invasive tool requiring no changes to existing applications or databases
  • Knows all the accounts for every customer without requiring an unique customer number
  • Operates as a background task in real time
  • Traps all customer identifier transactions (eg name & address)
  • Resolves ambiguities in customer identifier representation
  • Can align customer identifier information in multiple databases
  • Supports double-byte languages
  • Provides customer identifier quality analysis reports


What about IDStarís technology?

  • IDStar maintains itís own index to point to every record for a customer
  • Attaches, in a non-invasive way, a software agent to each customer database
  • Coded in Java to J2EE Standard
  • Uses existing message delivery service to connect to different systems (eg IBM MQ Series, SeeBeyond, WebMethods)
  • Platform independent

Technical Overview

For a more detailed
technical overview of IDStar, please click here.


What is IDStar used for?

  • Enterprises trying to implement a single view of customer
  • Merging customer databases (eg after a merger or takeover)
  • Organizations looking for a cost effective start to CRM and/or Business Intelligence
  • Enterprises that already have CRM (eg Siebel, Peoplesoft) and want to link to additional customer information systems
  • Systems where data cleansing has not been well used in the past
  • Pre-existing CRM/BI projects that have not delivered expected returns


How can IDStar add value to my enterprise?

  • Efficiently and effectively creates a customer index which allows customer applications to access all information relating to each unique customer
    • Lower cost and simpler than alternatives
    • Improves customer service & marketing capability
    • Enables iimprovedd data quality
    • An enabler for CIS, CRM or BI applications
  • Real time integration of customer information across many systems
    • Reconciles ambiguities in Customer identification
    • Can keep all systems customer information in sync
  • No changes to existing
    • Applications
    • Data
    • Processes
    • Customer numbering schemes
  • Can generate unique customer identifiers if required


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