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The IDStar Source Data Repository is populated from operational customer data. The Source Data contains a copy of the exact data from the operational systems, together with pointers (keys) referencing back to the source system. The repository contains entries for multiple interpretations of each of the discrete data elements in the source data (e.g. first name, surname, street number, street name).

The IDStar scope includes 'Core Services', 'Messaging Infrastructure' and 'Administration Interface' and 'Agents'.

  • The Parser analyses the source data and decomposes it into the discrete elements which are loaded into the index
  • The Index is the repository for the discrete elements such as first name, middle name, surname, data of birth etc
  • The Matcher provides the logic to determine index entries which are for the same person, but sourced from different operational systems
  • The Generator produces the notification of changes to other systems, in the data format expected by those receiving systems
  • The Messaging Infrastructure provides the delivery mechanism between the Agents and the Core Services
  • The Administration Interface allows manual creation of forced matches and overrides of IDStar detected matches
  • 'Agents' attached to operational database and files systems are notified of  changes to the source data and forward these to the IDStar core services: the IDStar Generator notifies agents of changes which have occurred in other systems and the agent application can then apply these changes to its target operational system.


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