IDStar Capabilities



In addition to the core capabilities for maintaining the customer repository, IDStar provides extended function, including:

  • Data Quality Reporting - when the IDStar repository is initially loaded, and when additions and changes are later processed, IDStar checks for missing data values and potential errors and invalid data values. It can report these for later manual review, or can provide notification back to a requesting application. This can assist in preventing invalid or incomplete data being entered into the source operational system at the time of data capture.
  • Data Quality Threshold Levels - there is a user-defined data quality threshold level, which additions and updates must pass prior to the change being propagated to other participating systems. This allows data to be accepted into a source system, even if the data quality is poor, but can prevent it being sent to other systems
  • Trust Levels - each participating system can be assigned a user-defined 'trust level'. This allows further control over the extent to which changes are propagated, such that a system can only receive updates from another system with the same or higher trust level
  • National Languages Support, including Double Byte Character Support - the IDStar parser includes functions and rules for analysis of non-English language source data. It knows about the unique structure and syntax of many other languages (e.g. the format of address data, the character sets and right-to-left data representations) .


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